Team Members

Roman Alonso

CTO & CO-Founder

Roman Alonso is XpertAI’s CTO and co-founder with an impressive resume. He is a result-oriented IT leader with a Computer Science degree and a master’s in business administration. He brings over 20 years of career expertise in developing and executing operational strategies to promote optimal utilization of emerging technologies.

Roman specializes in Mobile Operators Business, Solutions, and Infrastructure. He is skilled in grasping vast concepts, producing, and implementing IT services and products while partnering closely with business leaders and C-level executives. Alonso handles all business and architecture decisions for all major projects. He also collaborates with kick-off teams to evaluate the necessary steps for each task.

Jorge Rincon

Co-founder and Board Member

Jorge Rincon is a BoD member and co-founder, as a board member, Jorge oversees the executive team’s performance and compliance with XpertAI’s strategic vision, and actively participates in regular board meetings and other company activities as needed.

A well-recognized industry leader with proven success in launching and growing digital businesses, Telecom strategic partnerships, and technology start-ups. In his most recent venture, Jorge managed Deezer’s Americas region to exponentially grow subscribers and partnerships. Before then, Jorge was the Director of Digital Products & Business Development for Millicom, served as COO of Adsmovil, a leading Latin Mobile Advertising Network; and CEO of LatCel, a US Hispanic mobile content provider for wireless carriers and consumers.

Ronald Bracho

General Manager

Ronald Bracho is our General Manager. Ronald is a result-driven Director with a strong background in Telecommunications, Software Development, VAS (Value Added Servies), and Mobile Applications. Ronald reports directly to our Board of Directors, and he focuses on the overall day-today operation of XpertAI, as well as, hands on commercial relationships with our largest clients, shaping the company with teams, procedures and strategic vision to scale and satisfy our client’s needs.

Ronald is a Fullbright Grantee, with a Master in Telecommunications (Business and Engineering Schools) from UMD at College Park. He is an entrepreneur with several digital and non-digital companies run and developed in the last 18 years of his career, with digital operations in the Americas and Europe. During these years, Ronald has realized not only his business’s vision but also his customer’s vision (Telcos, Universities, Newspapers, among many others). He is a problem solver with a proven logic and systematic approach to manage, operate and grow technology businesses. 

Thomas Schulze

Product Management Lead

Thomas is XpertAI’s Head of Product. Thomas has been managing online projects since the mid-90s, from the production of MSN Germany and EMEA at Microsoft to introducing a mobile strategy to Ticketmaster International, and now directing the product and design teams at XpertAI. He is passionate about audience based product development, and working with both the team and the customer in the strategy and implementation. 

Thomas makes sure we stay on track on every project and in delivering maximum value to our clients. His dedication and desire for excellence is evident in all he does. His
accolades prove his career experience and ability to go above and beyond expectations to form ideal results.

Aina Giral

People and Culture Manager

Aina Giral Balletbò is our People and Culture Manager. She has a degree in Psychology, MBA, and Master in Digital Talent Management. With a clear vocation for people, she has developed her professional career in different sectors such as recruitment consulting, business administration, and NGOs, specializing in technology companies in recent years. An enthusiastic learner, she is passionate about helping people achieve their goals while contributing to the organization’s strategy.

Aina, passionate about training and coaching, is always attentive to how to develop people’s talent, offering a holistic view and prioritizing their well-being. Her focus on developing the XpertAI culture is one of the company’s priorities.

Matías Benedetto

Data Scientist

Matias Benedetto is our Data Scientist. His tasks range from the Business Intelligence oriented (reportings, dashboards) to developing and deploying Machine learning powered solutions with the ultimate goal of leveraging every data resource available into improving the end product.

Having started his career in engineering and then shifting to Mathematics, Matías devoted many years to academic research and teaching in several countries. He now focuses on applying analytics, statistics and predictive analyses in search of insights to drive change, innovation as well provide concrete solutions to real problems.

Florian Cartier

Web Frontend Lead

Florian Cartier is our Lead Frontend Web Development. He oversees the development of the web solutions at XpertAI and leads a talented team of developers spread across the world.

Florian experimented in many fields before choosing to specialize in Frontend technologies. He graduated as a Software Engineer in France then pursued his studies with a master’s in Cryptography and Computer Forensics, and another one in User Experience. His vast knowledge of the IT field and his experience allow him to always have a complete vision of the projects he contributes to.

Yassin Ahmed

Head of QA

Yassin is our Head of QA with 10 years of experience in technology projects, and is specialized in the area of software quality supporting digital transformation. He has experience in big technology consulting firms participating in various projects such as the French Public Sector, Banking, Fashion, IoT, and Telecommunications. In the company, he is in charge of coordinating and synchronizing the Quality processes and implementing the test strategy adapting to the customer’s needs and complexity.

Ivan Martinez de la Torre

Backend Team Lead

Ivan Martinez de la Torre is our Backend Team Lead. He has been working for XpertAI since 2019 and has a thorough career in Software Development initially working exclusively on Java, but rapidly moving to other technologies and languages.

He graduated as a Software Engineer from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 2018. Ivan supervises a team of programmers that work on backend solutions including platform databases and systems integration. His collaborative skills and commitment to the company’s mission provide stellar solution services to all projects.

Andrea Garcia

Cloud DevOps Architect Lead

Andrea Garcia is our Cloud DevOps Architect Lead. She specializes in public cloud providers and it’s certified in AWS, GCP, and Azure. She has experience in digital transformation in Banking and Consultancy.

In the company, she is in charge of applying DevOps practices and helping our teams to improve and analyze their developments and processes.

Raul Velasco

Agile Coach

Raul Velasco is our Agile Coach. He is an Agile practitioner, passionate, and an advocate of new ways of working. He brings over 22 years of career expertise in the software development industry, having the chance to work in different types (private & public sectors) and sizes of organizations, from small startups to big multinational companies.

Raul specializes in Agile methodologies helping us to get a better understanding of Agility, interact effectively while using Agile frameworks, and promote an Agile mindset (values & principles) in the company.

José Trave

Product UX/UI Design Lead

Jose Trave is our User experience and interface (UX/UI) design team leader. His professional background in the startup and consulting world has led him to gain experience across a wide range of industries, going from banking, renewable energy, blockchain to the hospitality sector and digital press.

In the company, he has focused design resources on generating an agile system of collaboration between the development and design process in order to generate the greatest possible synergy in the launch of digital products to the market, always taking into account the basic needs of the end-user.

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