Our suite of services is designed to accompany the client through the entire journey of creating and implementing their digital products.


Concept & Prototyping

Our goal is to capture our client’s intentions in everything we do. From the rough sketch to the final product, we work to not only deliver what clients want but bring and unveil new insights to the process. With a team of digital product experts, concepts are blueprinted, built upon, and produced to prove business ideas. The prototype is conducted to discover problems and promote solutions. XpertAI fervently enables concepts to come to life and create them to become a functional reality. Creation of an initial blueprint includes: UX/UI wireframes, basic architecture, analysis of legacy systems and definition of use cases.

Custom Development

A strategically designed software system will stand strong and at XpertAI, we settle for nothing less. We commit dedicated teams with advanced technical skills, innovative approaches, and method-based processes to build products worthy of recognition. A typical project team includes Scrum Master, Frontend and backend developers, Product Owner, QA Engineers and UI/UX Specialists. We have developed a suite of software modules to give projects a head start with proven capabilities including universal registration, content management system, payment gateway, CRM, data visualization and reporting among many others.

Cloud Governance

A cloud is a classified storage unit for confidential information and we at XpertAI make the safety and security of our clients’ information top priority. We manage the clouds of our clients to provide optimal surveillance of critical information and provide 24/7 protection. As a technology solutions company geared to solve and prevent problems, the cloud is no exception. We consistently oversee client data, set management rules, and workloads for optimal budget utilization. We value client trust and are dedicated to proving our promise by offering high quality technical solutions based on methodology approaches.

XpertAl as Service

When a long-term approach is needed, XpertAI becomes your high-end development and operations team. Our clients get a team that fully aligns with their strategy and roadmap bringing our technical expertise and methodology. We strive with a purpose to deliver unparalleled answers to the most challenging questions in tech. XpertAI as a Service allows clients to take advantage of team continuity and premium services at reasonable rates, from app development, through systems integration, cloud governance and product innovation.
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Core Technologies

We are experienced app developers that specialize in optimizing performance and functionality. Our versatile solutions offer technological innovation with cross platform capabilities. Regardless of the problem presented, we are confident to address any issue and pose a strategic solution for a range of applications and technologies:

  • App Environments: iOS, Android, HTML5.
  • Programming Languages: Java, Kotlin, Swift, PHP, Javascript, React.
  • Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase, Zendesk, Drupal, Azure, Node.js.


We execute on the scrum framework in everything we do with continuous development to evolve our client’s products. The principles of scrum are intentional for us. From staff to clientele, we practice commitment, courage, respect, focus, and openness in our line of work. We operate with integrity at the core and customer awareness at the forefront. At XpertAI, the Product owner serves as the voice of the client, working with all stakeholders to prioritize the needs and align product roadmap to business and strategic goals. We allow our clients full visibility of all processes and sprints. This ensures both their understanding and ultimate satisfaction for the final product. We desire for our customers to be involved in the development stages as much as possible to elevate their approval and deliver the desired outcomes.

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