Women In Technology

In Their Own Words: Women In Technology

According to a report from AnitaB.org, a global organization for women technologists, worldwide women make up only 28.8% of the workforce in the tech industry. Lack of gender inclusion is one of the most significant problems of the sector, mainly because of loss of potential. It has been proven that a more inclusive and diverse environment allows for more voices to be heard and more ideas to be shared. 

While at the current pace, it could still take up to 12 years to see accurate equal representation, the current growth numbers are still promising, with many companies making a point to have a more inclusive workspace. When companies offer more policies and benefits such as flex time, gender pay equality, and leadership opportunities, that creates a work environment that gives people of all backgrounds opportunities to grow. 

At XpertAI, we are making it a point to support inclusion and diversity in our work environment. In celebration of Women’s History Month, we asked the women who work with us about their stories that drive their careers.

Ana Rebollo, XpertAI’s iOS developer, first got interested in the tech industry by noticing its room for advancement and opportunity. This choice to work in the tech industry didn’t come with its own set of challenges for Rebollo, who states, “At the beginning, it was difficult to take on all the new tech concepts”. However, these obstacles never stopped Rebollo from pushing herself to learn more and develop a strong skill set with coding. There is also a fantastic story shared by XpertAI’s DevOps engineer, Andrea Garcia, about what brought her into the tech industry, 

“When I was a child, Dad brought home our first computer and taught me that by executing commands in the terminal, I could open a game. That seemed like magic to me, and that’s when I started to install and break things, deal with the computer, and be interested in how it worked. When I finished high school, and I had the choice, I chose to study computer science.”

It shows that when the opportunities and resources are in place, anyone can be a part of the tech industry  and develop the right skills. The tech industry needs people like Patricia Rubio, XpertAI’s UX/UI designer, who see how expansive the tech’s future will be. 

“I have decided to develop my in tech because it is in constant evolution, just like our society. My background comes from marketing and creativity, so pursuing a career in UX/UI Design is a great way to stay connected and trying and learning new things every day, but also being creative, which I think is one of my strengths!”

The push to have more women working in the tech industry is to push the industry’s ability to better serve our communities and our world by having as many minds working together to solve big problems. The women who work in tech at XpertAI understand how they’re adding to the big picture and becoming the future.