How to Select the Right Software Development Partner

Companies of all sizes in every industry turn to outsourcing their software development needs. In doing so, companies can save money, gain access to specialized talent, and produce a better product quicker. 

With such a large number of information technology and software partner companies in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right option. Each company has slightly different needs from every other customer, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

In this article, we will take an overview of the most important considerations when choosing a software development partner company. 

Reputation and Expertise

Even in today’s digital world, word of mouth can be a great way to find the perfect software development partner. A partner’s reputation among companies similar to your own is especially valuable. If possible, actually contact previous customers to get a firsthand account of their experiences. 

Most software development firms have specialties: types of software, technology stacks, or industries that they know best. It can be very helpful to look for partners with strong reputations in the specific area your company needs. 

Development Practices

Software development practices—whether they’re methodologies like agile or specific techniques—can make or break a project. Experienced development companies select the right practices for the project, preventing issues down the road. 

For each development company you’re considering, figure out how they incorporate real-world user feedback into improving their software. This can be a great litmus test for the effectiveness of the firm’s development practices. 


Even the most technically capable software development partner may not be the right fit for the job if they don’t communicate in a way that works for your organization. 

Consider more than just the potential partner’s ability to speak in your native language, if that’s important to your company. Being in the same time zone, having the ability to effectively communicate either in writing or by video, and being responsive and accessible are all worthwhile considerations.   An effective partner is the one that easily adapts to your communication culture.

Strategy, Not Just Execution

The best software development partners don’t just write code; they become an integral part of the planning process as well. Since developers have the most expertise actually implementing functionality, their knowledge and real-world experience can be especially. 

All good outsourcing partners (in any field, not just software development) know when to say “no”. Agreeing to implement everything, even when they know better, is the hallmark of a poor development partner. 

The Big Picture

Selecting the right partner from the sea of options nowadays can be a challenge for any company. However, by considering a few points, any organization can adequately evaluate potential software development partners. 

First, you should compare the reputations of potential partners. Pay special attention to their reputation in your field. Then, look at how they develop software throughout the project lifecycle. Also, figure out if their communication approaches work for your company. Finally, ask yourself if the partner you’re considering can work as a strategic partner in addition to a technical partner.

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